Boston Criminal Lawyer Defense and 209A Restraining Orders: Massachusetts Attorney Dmitry Lev

Attorney Dmitry Lev is a Boston, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer. He handles cases in all state courts, including District, Superior, and Boston Municipal Court.

Attorney Lev helps those accused of domestic violence, assault and battery, driving under the influence (OUI, DWI, DUI), crimes against property, larceny, white collar crimes, sex crimes, drug cases, and more. In addition, Attorney Lev assists individuals who had 209A Restraining Orders issued against them and wish to have these orders removed, as well as those accused of 209A Restraining Order violations.

Clients speak:

"I thank god that we were directed to you. A simple thank you will never be enough to repay you for all your time, effort, kindness, support and professionalism." K.R.

"Thank you very much for your skillful and effective legal counsel. I really couldn't have asked for a more favorable outcome. Your honesty, integrity and artistry of the legal system is as impressive as it is appreciated. Many, many thanks!" C.S.

"I am about to begin the competition shooting season, and I have you to thank for it. I was one court decision away from having my firearms taken away for good, and I am very grateful to be fully restored. May you continue to have success in fighting the unconstitutional 209A's." M.A.O.

"From day one, I found that you were an extremely smart and nice person. This morning you also showed me how great of a lawyer you are." L.S.

"Thank you again for successfully defending me... It was of the utmost importance for me to have this case dismissed without a record. I cannot thank you enough for playing an instrumental role in making this happen at an affordable and very fair price!" C.G.

"Dmitry Lev saved my bacon... His fee was remarkably reasonable - a flat fee that covered all court hearings related to the matter." M.O.

"I truly appreciate what you shared with me... That meant a lot in my book and actually restores my faith in lawyers." M.H.

"Dmitry rescued me from jail. Extremely competent and extremely focused." B.J.

What's the difference? Aren't all criminal lawyers the same?

Wrong. Sure, all lawyers went to law school and hold a license to practice (we hope!), but it is what they choose to do with their law license that matters.

Attorney Lev stands apart from the crowd by choosing not to hide behind secretaries and paralegals. Yes, you will always speak directly to an experienced attorney about your case, day or night, and our meetings can be scheduled evenings and weekends if necessary.

If a client has been arrested or held without bail, an attorney will personally visit the client while in custody to discuss the case and plan a defense strategy.

Once retained, you can have the confidence that your case is in good hands and won't be passed around or shoved aside. Attorney Lev is personally involved in the handling of each criminal defense and 209A case from the first consultation to the ultimate disposition. He focuses on the individual goals of each client, and zealously fights to obtain the best possible resolution for each one.

Attorney Lev offers consultations at no charge to fully evaluate your case and your options. CONTACT the office to schedule an appointment today.

Please be aware that no attorney-client relationship ensues until a written agreement is signed. Please see the DISCLAIMER POLICY for more details.