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Massachusetts General Laws
The statutes that make up the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including all criminal statutes.

Criminal Model Jury Instructions
These are the instructions that judges read to juries, often verbatim, before the jury begins deliberations at the conclusion of a criminal trial. Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys agree on which instructions are appropriate for a particular case.

Massachusetts Rules of Court
Rules and procedures applicable to proceedings in our courts, including deadlines, filing requirements, etc.

Selected Massachusetts Sources of Law
From the Official website for the Massachusetts Judicial Branch, a collection of statutes, case law, and other sources on 209A restraining orders.

Gudelines for Judicial Practice: Abuse Prevention Proceedings
An interesting 238-page document designed for judges, which contains commentary, case citations, cross references to other areas of law, and other useful information. While designed for judges, these guidelines are helpful to lawyers and individuals representing themselves.